Dr. Frances Kassinger

Dr. Frances Kassinger

Training Manager - Enterprise Business Solutions; Office of the Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Frances (Fran) Kassinger currently manages the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Chief Information Office (OCIO) Enterprise Business Solutions training program. In this role, Fran helps ensures more than 200,000 employees’ professional proficiency on various innovative business systems. 

Prior to joining Treasury, Dr. Kassinger worked as the Director of Education for the National School Boards Association, Director of Education for the National Rural Telecommunication Cooperative, and Vice President of The American College (for online training). She also was the Educational Manager for Online Learning at LUTC, Inc. and the Organizational Developer Quality Management, Facilitator, and Strategic Planning Instructor for Litton PRC, Inc. 

Dr. Kassinger previously served in the United States Air Force as an officer in various roles where she gained recognition and awards for her work as Chief Training Officer for 15 United States career-field training programs, Co-School Administrator for 5 overseas military dependent schools, and college professor for Instructional System Development and Evaluation Methodologies. She also won national recognition for her work as Chief of Advertising and Publicity for an 8-states region’s public relations programs, Chief Base Administrator for all Military Communications in fastest growing overseas base, and Lead Facilitator for USAF conversion to a quality management (customer focused) structure. 

Dr. Kassinger is a published writer and international speaker on Online Adult Education and Training.

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