Dr. Patrick Shane Gallagher

Dr. Patrick Shane Gallagher

ADL Learning Scientist, IDA Adjunct Researcher - Institute for Defense Analyses, Science and Technology Division, Advanced Distributed Learning

Dr. P. Shane Gallagher is employed by the Institute for Defense Analysis and is supporting the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative and OUSD Force Training as a learning scientist and education specialist. He received his Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from George Mason University and MA in Educational Technology from the University of New Mexico. 

Currently, Dr. Gallagher provides learning science and methodological direction for applied research projects and cybersecurity assessment and is the lead researcher for assessing the development of the ADL Total Learning Architecture. Dr. Gallagher has directed research on video game design for cognitive adaptability and learning science implications of the design of the xAPI and is also researching methods to apply the xAPI and its syntax to describe social learning interactions and human performance especially within cyber-physical contexts. He led research projects in cognition and game design and R&D projects in learning object content models, simulations, reusable pedagogical models, organizational readiness, and knowledge management. 

He has been recognized by NASA for his work on assessing the Johnson Space Center on knowledge management readiness by the JSC Chief Knowledge Officer and has authored papers and chapters on neuroscience, cognition, game design, and innovative learning technology applications and specifications.

SESSION: Is cognitive apprenticeship the way ahead for cybersecurity learning: assessing pedagogical model of the Cyber Operators Academy Course